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Portable Door Lock



This portable lock shields you from unwanted guests, even if they have a key! Perfect for solo travelers, business trips, or anyone seeking extra peace of mind. No tools needed, install in seconds and sleep soundly knowing your door stays shut.


Don't be fooled by its ease of use. This lock is crafted from high-quality, reinforced stainless steel and a damage-resistant ABS plastic cover, making it sturdy and reliable. The smooth, polished surfaces ensure a comfortable grip and prevent accidental scratches.


This versatile lock adapts to various door types with its two hole sizes. Use it in hotels, apartments, dorms, rentals, or even at home for added security in bathrooms, bedrooms, or for keeping pets and children safe. It's the perfect portable security solution for any situation!


Tiny Lock, Huge Peace of Mind

Absolute lifesaver for solo travelers! This little lock gives me ultimate peace of mind at hotels and Airbnbs. Super easy to use, even in the dark, and it feels incredibly sturdy. No more worrying about unwanted entries - I sleep like a baby now!

My Fav Adventure Companion

Okay, I'm obsessed with this portable door lock! Forget bulky chains and flimsy wedges - this thing is a travel game-changer. It clicks into place in seconds, feels like Fort Knox, and doesn't scratch my door. Seriously, I used it in every single hostel and Airbnb on my recent backpacking trip, and I slept soundly through it all. Bonus points for being super light and easy to pack. If you value your security and sanity while on the road, THIS is your new BFF!

Feeling Safe & Secure at Home

As a single woman living alone, security is always top of mind. This portable lock instantly adds a layer of protection and gives me a great sense of control. Installation is straightforward, the materials feel solid, and I love the extra privacy it offers when I need it. My only reason for 4 stars is that it might not work on all doors (especially older ones), so checking compatibility beforehand is wise. Overall, a fantastic addition to my home safety arsenal!

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