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Acne Patches

180 Count


Forget the temptation to pick and pop! This Acne Patch gently pulls the gunk out of your pimple overnight, leaving it noticeably smaller and flatter by morning. No more scars or scabs from harsh treatments - just clearer, calmer skin.


Forget harsh chemicals. This patch relies on the power of two natural ingredients: tea tree oil and calendula oil. They're safe and effective for all skin types, ensuring you get the results you want without irritation.


No more messy creams or complicated procedures. Simply clean and dry your skin, peel the patch from its easy-to-use film, and apply. Leave it on for 6-8 hours, then peel it off to reveal a cleaner, clearer complexion. It's that simple!


The Overnight Savior

OMG, these acne patches are pure MAGIC! I woke up this morning after slapping one on this monster zit that was threatening to erupt like a mini volcano, and it's like it never even existed! No redness, no swelling, just smooth, happy skin. Can't recommend them enough!

Bye-Bye Blemishes

Okay, so these patches won't magically erase all your acne overnight. But they've definitely become my secret weapon against those annoying, confidence-crushing breakouts. They calm down redness, shrink the size, and even seem to speed up the whole healing process. Plus, they're gentle enough for my sensitive skin, which is a major win. Not a complete miracle cure, but a pretty darn good sidekick in the fight against acne.

Simple, Effective, Obsessed

These patches are like the little black dress of skincare - simple, effective, and always a good idea. I just stick one on a pimple before bed, and by morning, it's like "poof," gone! No harsh chemicals, no messy creams, just pure, unadulterated pimple-battling bliss. 10/10, would recommend (and already have to all my friends!). ✌️For extra oomph, apply a little tea tree oil to the pimple before sticking on the patch. It's like a double whammy for those stubborn breakouts!

Acne Patches